Matilde Cano is the “know how” of wedding fashion! One of the most growing brands of wedding dresses in Europe!

This Spanish brand of designer Matilde Cano began its history from one boutique in the hometown of Cordoba and managed to charm all the Europe with its wedding and evening dresses.

Her passion to fashion and obsession to the details led to creation of unique wedding dresses. The uniqueness of the brand lies in special details, thought out in each dress. Perfectly tailored and discreet dresses are supplemented by expensive lace, gold patterns, velvet florals accents, macramé or hand-embroidered.

Modern style and silhouettes in conjunction with the latest fashion trends and the bright Spain character is the hallmark of Matilde Cano wedding dresses.

Unique and elegant wedding dresses by Matilde Cano are available only in our boutique Fiancee!